Holiday club sessions

Are you a holiday club organiser, or a company looking to offer yoga and mindfulness to children as part of your holiday activity programme?

Yoga is an activity which a child of any ability, age and fitness level can take part it. Unlike competitive and strenuous sports, yoga helps children to understand the mind and body connection. It is not a religious activity and does not conflict with existing faiths. It involves guided mindful movement, breathing practices and relaxation.

The sessions are carefully planned and structured according to your needs; yoga can be a fun and engaging activity for children of all ages, as well as children with additional needs. Yoga helps to build focus and and concentration, as well as helping to reduce stress and anxiety, making it a useful tool for hyperactive children as well as those who find it difficult to relax.

Yoga is an incredibly innovative activity to offer during your holiday camp, and shows that you are committed to the physical and emotional health of the children you are working with. You’ll be amazed to observe how much the children get out of the session!

Yoga with Sally can offer you a Yoga Alliance accredited children’s yoga teacher with a number of years of experience working with children and leading before and after school sessions as well as holiday club sessions.

Thank you for the yoga session you delivered on Wednesday. Al l the children seemed to enjoy, even the younger ones. We appreciate all your effort in preparing the lesson.
Heather Bates, Group Deputy Manager, Kids Collective