Classes for adults

Beginners’ Vinyasa Yoga

Mondays, 6.20-7.20pm

Loving Pilates, 10 Gawsworth Avenue, Didsbury, M20 5NF

The direct translation of “vinyasa” is to place in a special way. Vinyasa yoga offers you the chance to experience a flowing sequence of yoga postures coordinated with the movement of the breath.

Beginners’ vinyasa flow classes are particularly suitable for those less familiar with a yoga practice, as they will introduce postures, sequences and breath practices without assuming any experience. You will learn how to build up your yoga practice in a safe and healthy way, creating a foundation for your future journey. This is a great way to begin and discover what a yoga class is all about.

Vinyasa yoga builds strength and flexibility as well as cultivating a sense of internal clarity, peacefulness and calm.

You can drop in to this class for £10 or block book 6 classes which are valid for all classes with Loving Pilates, for £49.50.

The class will have a maximum of 8 students in it. This really cultivates a safe and special space for a beginner, and an opportunity to learn and practice as part of a small group with an experienced and knowledgeable yoga teacher.

Yin Yoga

Tuesdays, 7.45-8.45pm

Inner Health Clinic, 2 Greek Street, Stockport, SK3 8AB

Next 6 week course starts on October 29th, investment of £54

This 6-week beginner course gives a great introduction to yoga. Each class will move you through a sequence of different yoga postures, always starting and ending in meditation in order to calm the body and mind and connect to our breath.

The idea of this 6-week course is to build confidence within your yoga journey. Each class will provide different options for each pose, giving you the ability to adapt the classes intensity as the course develops. This 6-week course will give you the chance learn about yoga as a practice for fitness and well-being.

Yin yoga is a slow form of yoga which offers you the space and time to slow down ,and to enter into a meditative state, so that we can stay with our experiences rather than rush from place to place or posture to posture. In a yin yoga practice postures are held for sustained periods of time, often five minutes or more. This allows our muscular tissue to relax and soften which has many benefits at the physical and emotional level. It allows us to stretch, open up the body, slow down and still the mind. 

Often in our lives we find ourselves moving from moment to moment and day to day at such a fast pace. We often measure our success based on achievement and how much we have managed to cram into our time, or how many yoga postures we are able to get our bodies into within a class. This can create stress, burn-out, adrenal fatigue and a sense of ‘not enough’ or ‘less than’. Yin yoga instead invites a sense of ease, kindness and curiosity with ourselves so that we can accept exactly where we are in this very moment.

Yin yoga is suitable for all who would like to bring balance into their lives – it is a very powerful practice on its own and also complements more fast paced forms of yoga and exercise. Variations on postures will be given so that the class is accessible to everyone.