Yoga and mindfulness for adults, teens, children and families, in yoga studios, homes and schools

Yoga with Sally is driven by a passion and purpose to share the practices of yoga and mindfulness with people of all ages, from tiny toddlers to those in their senior years, and to help groups and families to connect through the nourishing and transformative ways of being that yoga can bring about. Yoga with Sally is led by Dr. Sally Eccleston, a qualified and experienced yoga teacher as well as educational psychologist. Sally provides group sessions, private tuition, 1:1 yoga therapy for children and yoga in schools across Manchester, including in Didsbury, Sale, Hazel Grove and Chorlton. If you would like to empower your family through yoga, or feel you or your child may benefit from sessions then I would love to hear from you or see you soon in a class!

Upcoming Classes and Workshops